​The kiosk is fully equipped with a 12 volt Lithium Ion battery pack which has a data system that conforms to Smart Battery specifications. The battery takes two hours to fully charge and provides a run time of 18 hours on one single charge.

The unit comes with a single bay charger or a multi-bay charger, making it easier for those who wish to have more than one unit in a retail environment. Simple installation allows for a cost effective deployment.

Each unit can be customs painted and graphic elements can be applied to deliver a branded look and feel.

All white paper are available on request.


Some of the benefits that the custom the kiosk offer:

  • Increase Sales In-Store
  • Educate customers on products and services
  • Influence consumer purchasing choices
  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Capture customer contact information

No Cords, No Outlets ... No Problem 

Compatible with any Android CMS Software

Battery Op Kiosk

Battery Powered Digital Signage 

A slim commercial grade mobile kiosk that has a full IPS display. The 10.1 inch android tablet is integrated into its housing. It provides solution for the fast moving consumer and expands customer engagement as well as customer interaction.     

This kiosk is a perfect solution for point of sale, ticketing, quick services restaurants, and retail environments. This unit is portable and can be easily transported as it requires no power outlet or hard wiring making it perfect for trade show environments  and for counter top messaging.