The Advizion Ad Tag displays multiple types of advertisements including pictures and videos that play back sequentially. The solution is fully powered by Scala. Each 10 pack comes with a docking station that charges and allows content to be uploaded remotely. The Advizion Ad Tag is FCC approved and has gone through rigorous QC testing to ensure its safety and reliability. The Advizion Ad Tag consists of a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, enabling it to have ten hours of playback time. 


​The Advizion Ad Tag is a tool that will assist your employees by informing and reinforcing any and all of the company offerings, which will increase their ability to up sell and cross-sell customers. This technology can reduce your expense on in store advertisements and promotional items such as: T-shirts, hats, tags, and other gimmicks that are discarded once the campaign ends. 

The Advizion Ad Tag is an OLED technology that is designed to be ergonomic and light weight. The Ad Tag is intended for any business-to-consumer company that has direct contact with its customers. Examples include big box retailers, service providers, apparel retailers, both  fine dining and quick service restaurants, banks, car dealerships and Hotels

Advizion ad tag

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