Fast Track Project Evaluation

We will evaluate your digital strategy before you purchase. Don't get caught over paying for your digital signage project. We as manufactures know what things should cost and what fair market value is.

Many people associate "value with poor quality". At W&S Projects we believe you should have impeccable quality and a robust solution without breaking the bank. W&S Projects will look at your proposal and make sure it makes sense before you buy. 

quick track proposal evaluation

Executing, Controlling and Closing from Start to Finish

We make it a priority to maintain constant communication with you through the planning stages of your project and will provide support services to ensure your project plan is executed on time and not over budget. We are extremely disciplined and execute our tasks to perfection to make sure your project needs are fulfilled every time. We strive to make your project run smooth with no hidden costs and no surprises along the way. 

design + development

Best fit Technology & Custom Technology

Based on the strategic plan and digital content strategy we create for you, we will recommend and source the best fit technology for the application. This includes all the necessary hardware and content management software to allow your content to run smoothly, ensuring a successful installation and solid Roi. We custom design and manufacture a wide variety of computer hardware as well as custom enclosures built for commercial use. We have full manufacturing capabilities to help reduce third party costs. If your require a product or a tablet configuration you don’t see on our product list, no problem we will make it for you suited to your specifications and budget.

Hardware sourcing

Project management

Our solutions adapt to your organization’s needs and visions!

Through a collaborative and comprehensive needs-assessment, we analyze your requirements and ensure all of your objectives are met. With our solutions, the input from your team is an important part of the design process, which in turn becomes a successful digital strategy. Together we develop solutions tailored to your company’s specific objectives and implementation plan along with a list of cost effective software and hardware for deployment. Our team is committed to your organization’s success. ​